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Best combination for making Multi-color Transfers

Best combination to make Multi color transfer is digital + screen.

We have recently developed best technique to develop Multi color Transfers Stickers with combination of DIGITAL + SCREEN.

You can easily print Multi color or Digital print through VALUE DT printer using ( Latex Inks compatable with PET film releasability). It is un-attended Printer. You set and give command and it is printing Automatically picking sheets through Feeder.

than, you print White backing adhesive through Screen and sprinkle H.M.Powder on White adhesive and Finally cure.

Easy process and Cheapest option available in market to make Multi color transfers with no problem of Fabric barrier. Transfer can be used for all Type of fabrics i.e. cotton/PC/ Blends etc with excellent Washing fastness.

For more details, you can visit our Office for LIVE DEMO ( call/Whatsapp at 9814078818 to fix Demo Slot).

Ankur gupta



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