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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Personal Information
M/S SHORI CHEMICALS PVT LTD does not make any use of your personal information in any manner, unless it is specified in this document or if you have agreed for the same.

Personal Information given by you is used by us only:

To make the use of the website user-friendly for you.
-To contact you for your concerns, inquiries or requests regarding the information about the different services offered by us.
-To intimate you about services/products of the Company and send you details about any offers from the Company.
-To notify you about any changes in the website or in Terms of Service or Policies of the Company.
-To forward you the details of the surveys and marketing communications that may interest you as per the Company’s belief.
-To customize your experience on our website.
-For the fulfillment of any of your purchases or services done via the website, such as to process the payments, to contact you regarding any purchase of yours, and to provide you customer service.
-To regulate the downloads of the products.
-To organize reviews and data analysis internally for the Website (e.g., to keep a track of the number of visits by the users to all the pages of the website).
-To make the services, advertising, and content of the website better for you.
-To preserve the website’s integrity and To abide by the legal requirements and disclosures provided under the Indian Laws.

The company values the security of your personal information and keeps the information safe from any type of unauthorised access with the physical, administrative and technical safeguards that are specifically designed for this purpose only. Moreover, the Company follows standard security protocols and mechanisms if it requires to transmit any sensitive data such as credit card details. In case there is any breach of your personal information, you would be notified via an email or fax from the Company and we will work to reinstall the data system’s integrity.

The Company collaborates with some third parties to handle a restricted set of advertisements that will be used for our websites and portals. We make sure that no personal information leaks during this entire process. However, to make sure the user receives relevant information we may use aggregate profile information, such as user community, to choose the advertisements for the user. There is a possibility of the presence of embedded pixel on some banner ads, and while it is not associated with a cookie or other personal profile information, it may return the information of the session connection
and this is helpful to the advertisers to keep a track of the users who clicked on the ad banner.

User Discretion
It is completely your choice whether to provide the information or not. However, if it is mandatory to provide the information and you do not then you may not be able to avail the concerned services, features or contents.
You have the right to add or update your personal information anytime. Even if you update the information, the Company will keep a record of the earlier version as well.

If the user provides consent, the Company may send direct advertisement mailers to the user at the address stated by them. You can unsubscribe to these emails any moment by clicking at the unsubscribed link option that is included in the e-mail. The company pays due respect to your privacy and understands if you do not wish to receive any of the emails. If you have any grievances that you wish to share, feel free to write us at

Important Disclaimer
Although the Company takes measures to give you 100% security and secrecy, you must be very careful while sharing any sensitive information. The Company never asks for such information via emails/phone calls etc. Hence, if you share any personal information via these means then the company can not be taken liable for the same and the Company will also not take any responsibility of any such acts of negligence and wilful misconduct.