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How you can save yourself from Covid Attack

I am writing this article for everybody’s concern. Please take these steps to safeguard yourself from Covid Attack. There is substantial rise in Covid patients everyday and you should be aware and take these precautions to save yourself and your family and friends.

  1. FACEMASK -Most important is use of Facemask. Although wearing facemask all time, make us uncomfortable. but more than 75% of corono attack can be avoided only by wearing facemask. All humans have tedency is to touch his/her face and once your are wearing mask, you can protect yourself as Covid virus directly enter through nose or mouth. To buy facemask, you can visit www.sahihaina.com or direct call at 8448444813
  2. HAND SANITIZER- Use of Hand sanitizer or washing hands with soap in regular intervals or specially when you are meeting someone should be made compulsory. All germs/virus enter by touching and you can avoid and protect yourself by use of hand sanitizer/ soap washing to kill itself. To buy, talk at 01612222463.
  3. SOCIAL DISTANCING : While Meeting people, you should keep a distance of atleast 6ft with proper facemask and not touching other places.

These are very simple steps you can follow to save yourself from this Dangerous COVID attack.

Ankur gupta



4 thoughts on “How you can save yourself from Covid Attack”

  1. Absolutely right brother, everyone should have to follow these Steps to save him/herself from Covid.


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