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9 Steps Employers Can Take To Protect Everyone From The Coronavirus

1. Disinfect the workplace

“The number one thing is keeping people safe when they’re at their Offices or Workplace, and that really has to be priority No. 1.
Make hand sanitizer and handwashing facilities readily available, as this is easy way to keep the infection of Virus to control and spread. Increase the frequency at which they clean common areas and surfaces. 


2. Only Namaste with Close hand (No Shake hand)

Since we all Indians have culture to do “NAMASTE” to greet anyone, this is easy to way to safeguard yourself and others from spreading Corono virus.

3. Ask sick employees to stay home

Employers should encourage employees who are sick or may have been exposed to the virus to work from home, the latter for a period of 30days

4. Encourage employees to work remotely and have virtual meetings

“As this virus is transmitted in more communities, social distant is important”
If you can do your work by distance call or video call, that is best solution to keep away without personally meeting person.

5. Communicate future plans to employees for this epidemic of Corono Virus

Companies should have good ways to communicate with all their workers, whether they’re on site or remote. Guide all workers for this situation and what action should be taken to counter part them for future.

6. Prepare for Factory/ Officer closures

If factory/ workplace needs to be temporarily closed and lock out situation, ensure employees understand and clear the job security and salary benefits.

7. Change Travel plans

Many employers have encouraged employees to suspend non essential business travel.

8. Reschedule or cancel to Events of Public gathering

All Public and event gatherings should be cancelled or reschedule to avoid large gathering. One should avoid the same to avoid virus to spread.

9. Train supervisors for Daily inspection.

Train and Ensure supervisor is prepared to inspect all workers daily basis before they enter the work area. Incase you find any suspect, he or she should be immedaitely  reported to local health department


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