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9 key Steps to be followed by employee/employer to restart Office to Fight COVID-19.

  1. You should wear MASK/ HAND GLOVES with Full Sleeves Shirt/trouser when you are starting from home. (whole body should be covered)
  2. On way to office, you should not visit anybody ( any friend/ any grocery shop etc)
  3.  When you reach office, before entering the main building
    1. Hand sanitize
    1. Clean and rub your clothes
  4. Don’t touch attendance machine if any in your office ( ask management to shift to scan card)
  5. When you reach your desk, first thing is to clean your desk. ( it may be clean by housekeeper, but do it yourself, wipe the desk with your hands)
  6. Don’t touch other places/surface with your hand until necessary (Electrical buttons/ glasses/ door handles/ Desk/ pen stand/ telephone etc)
  7. Keep a distance of 1 mtr with each other. Don’t sit in group.
  8. Don’t visit at your colleague desk. Either talk on telephone or Whatsapp or email or any other software.
  9. Any customer or vendor who visit your office or factory, you should keep distance with them and he/she should not be allowed without mask and request to hand sanitize at entry level.

I have mentioned all these points for everyone Safety. PLEASE read it carefully.

Everyone Life is very important and we all have to fight together to finish Corono.

Ankur Gupta


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