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I got this idea to share with everybody that payment in last 2-3 years is really going bad.

Everybody wants to give payment, but due to burden with compulsory/emergent/needy vendors( govt electricity, Labour etc) , other supplier / vendors payments get delayed.

The burden and pressure of other vendors to pay remains and this leads to frustration in business and even vendors stop supplies after due date of bills.

This can lead to huge loss in business, even your factory production can be stopped causing factory to shut down with non-repairable loss of life. once you are out of track, it is impossible to revive in this world of competition.

I got solution for this for everybody.

My suggestion is to give in parts/ installments every week/month in routine to atleast reduce burden of liability, whatever amount you can give easily.

Paying is only Solution in Parts after every interval. 

Some says that person whose due amount is say 50,000/- this month, wants to give all due amount, but cannot give as not have funds to give. Person hesitate to give even 10,000/- as he wants to give all amount.

Paying 10,000 every week , will atleast reduce his burden by 40,000/- in month and when he gets enough funds, he can further increase the installment amount so that his monthly liability comes closer to his target, otherwise liability of 50,000/- will be further increase every month.

Paying small amount / installment is only way to reduce your burden of payment to vendors. You can keep a system to pay every week or every 10days or every 15days to pay to reduce this burden 

By adopting this method, you can reduce your burden and stay healthy.


Ankur Gupta


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