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SHORI CHEMICALSis providing complete screen and digital printing solutions

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Advantages for using KAVIAN DTG

  1. Two Print heads i3200 
  2. 4 times faster for dark and light printing ..if we use one head for white ink and one for color
  3. Head price is very low then DX-5
  4. white ink circulation from head to tank, rotation within tank
  5. white ink waste management with this feature you can use waste white ink again for printing
  6. best plugins and features for white ink so that minimum use of white ink with the maximum output
  7. Single pass printing.. we can print white as well as color in single pass .wet on wet
  8. Printing resolution is very high
  9. No chip system. so easy to maintain
  10. We have very good inks for color printing which costs around 40% to 50% less then market price

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