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Is a cold water soluble thickener, specially formulated for Printing Reactive dyes on cotton and regenerated fiber fabrics. It is non-volatile, non-hazardous and Eco-friendly. It allows easy transfer of dye from thickener to the fabric substrate during fixation. Prints have better penetration, colors are deeper, brighter and imparts soft feel. It is suitable for table, flat bed and rotary printing machines.


  • ST-20( liquid form) 

Thickening Agent ST-20 is used for reactive dyes printing with result of high brilliance and high particularly for extra fine pattern bunting drapery.

Characteristics :

1. Paste easily made and good desizing property

2. High permeability, good uniform color yield while large square printing.

3. Outline articulation, no clogging of screen, color yield and brightness are obviously higher than sodium alginate.

4. For both flat and rotary screen printing.

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